07 February 2024

In cooperation with Saudi Traffic and Najm Company ..The Insurance Authority participated in workshops to combat fraud in vehicle accidents

Based on the role of the Insurance Authority in contributing, along with its partners from various government entities, to enhance the principles of safety, protect the rights of customers and insurance companies, and combat fraud, the Authority participated, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic and Najm Company, in organizing workshops to raise awareness among accident assessors about insurance fraud methods and illegitimate gains from vehicle accidents. These workshops aimed to increase knowledge and awareness among individuals responsible for assessing accidents, in order to combat fraud and illegitimate gains from accidents, and to protect the rights of parties involved in insurance contracts. This was done within a comprehensive study to find solutions that lead to price stability for vehicle insurance policies. One of the main causes of instability is fraud in insurance claims involving suspected fabrication of accidents. This participation reflected the Insurance Authority's belief in its role in regulating the insurance sector, ensuring its stability, which has a positive impact on insurance markets, companies operating in the sector, and all beneficiaries of insurance services. It also emphasized the importance of integration and cooperation with all relevant entities in the insurance sector, increasing insurance awareness within the community, and raising awareness about the impact of these wrongful practices on insurance prices.