Terms of Use & Limitation of Liability

Limitation of liability

The Insurance Authority (IA) has been keen to make publishable information available on the website. This is based on the principle of transparency and availability of public information, in a way that enables stakeholders to have access and knowledge. IA also seeks that the information contained or published on the website are complete, up-to-date and accurate, although it does not provide any guarantee of any kind for that. Therefore, IA does not bear any responsibility for any information that is not available, inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, and any actions or decisions taken accordingly. Besides, IA does not bear any responsibility in any way regarding reliance on what is published on the website. Moreover, IA eagers to maintain the availability of the website, easiness of accessibility and verify its contents. However, IA bears no responsibility of any kind regarding the unavailability of the website or any losses or damages that may result from your use of the website. In this regard, IA affirms that all financial institutions fall under its control and supervision must always adhere to the instructions issued by IA and follow up on updates to these instructions, and not rely on what is published on the website.


The copyright and intellectual property rights related to the website and its content is reserved to the Insurance Authority (IA) including designs, logo and graphics. They are reserved and protected rights and cannot be used except within the limits of the following:
  1. Referring to IA’s website: www.ia.gov.sa
  2. Making a translation of brief summaries on condition of referring to the source.
  3. The copying, downloading and printing hard copy of the website contents for personal use or within the limits of the user’s facility. Provided that it is not for obtaining personal or commercial gain. Noting that the copyright and intellectual property rights must be preserved in the same form as the original content.

Terms of Use

Your access and use of IA’s website and its content is considered as an acceptance and approval of commitment by you without any limitation or condition to the following:
  1. Provisions of laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Limitations of liability and copyright stated on the website.
  3. Not to misuse IA’s website in any way, or take any action that may expose the website to any defect.
  4. Any links provided on the website of other sites does not entail IA’s responsibility in any way for the contents or the integrity of those links or sites; the use of these links is at your own risk.
  5. You do not have the right to own any communication or information you send through this website, and the use of such information or what results from any communication is subject to the sole discretion of IA.
  6. The User is responsible for any content he/she sends through this website. IA will not be responsible for any infringement of rights by any external party that may result by using this website or any of its content.
  7. IA has the right –at its sole discretion- to terminate, restrict or discontinue the availability of the website or any of its contents to you.
  8. The Arabic language is the official language of the website. The translation of any of its content aims to provide an additional service, therefore it is not permissible to invoke any of what is stated on the website in a language other than Arabic.
  9. Any disputes or claims related to this website or its exclusive use are subject to the competent judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  10. Accepting any updates to these terms of use immediately upon their update by IA voluntarily and without the need to provide any notice.